Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last taste of winter?

I'm looking out the window wondering how much longer this is going to last. I'm up ready to run my 10 miler today. Looking outside windy, raining. Look at the weather channel 36 degrees chance of light snow. I'm in here warm, waiting for Garmin to charge thinking about how much I don't want to venture out there. All that is going through my head is the words of my Wife from last year "What if it rains on race day?" She is right.

I am trying to focus today on going out and keeping a slower but even pace. Trying to hold that pace so at the end I can have a that "KICK" that drive that allows me to cross that finish line fast, not completely drained.

Focus today is on my stride and trying to find that inner place where I am aware of my surroundings but feel like I am floating over the road...WTF, did I just say that? I have had that feeling before and no matter how Zenny it seems when I found that "Zone" I couldn't be stopped...figures it happend in training and not in a race.

Update : I looked at the hour by hour forecast and it is supposed to clear up this afternoon so my run is going to be rescheduled for this evening...I am a wimp. Something about running in rain/snow that is almost horizontal doesn't sit well.

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