Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bike run brick

After work yesterday Becca and I took Joey to his first ever swimming lesson. When he was done we went for breakfast and then to Canadian tire.

When we got home Joey had fallen asleep in the car and was ready for a nap. I was very much considering going down with him. But then I remember how much I have been waiting for some nice weather to get out and ride. I decided that I would bike 20km then run 5km.

I am pretty happy I decided to bike and run. The windy was strong and gusty and at times slowed me huge! But then again when the wind was at my back I was getting some good 30 MPH's on the straight aways in the big gears...didn't even get to the biggest!

I really look forward to working on my bike. I think if I can come out riding an average 18.5 mph for 20km with the wind as strong as it was yesterday that I might be pretty strong on the bike with some more work.

The best part about this was the run. I felt a bit wobbly at first but over time I was moving! My legs were firing like I was still on the bike and it made for a fast but effortless run.
I ended at Tim Hortons, I got my small chocolate milk and my large black coffee and walked the mile back home.

In more family news my daughter Jaymie is a Rubgy Player now!Her position is tackler and she's been working out hard! She has actually been running...I'll get her into Triathlons yet!

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Shelley said...

Oh yeah..keep pushing the wind..it's "our" version of hills..'cept they never seem to end..hee hee