Friday, April 18, 2008

Love this weather

Got out early this morning on my bike. Just wore shorts and tech long sleeve. Headed out against the wind again but this time the wind was not very strong only about 8 MPH, can't believe how much resistance there is even with a light wind like that. The bike is great , although I am not comfortable using the aero thinks it might just be something I need to get used to.
I rode for about 18 miles 9 against the wind. My average was at 19MPH which is pretty good considering I never felt like I was pushing too hard. I did a couple of sprints, and really pushed up the overpasses. I probably could of been a bit faster if I paid more attention to my gears. On the way back when I thought I was in the Big gears and flying on the straight aways I was actually in the small gear (I was kinda in "the zone") . The straight aways made up most of the ride about 15 miles.

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Shelley said...

Hey slacker..are you riding this weekend anytime???