Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Started my blog this morning. I wrote the title Tomorrow but now I can't remember what I was going to write.

Took a day off of training today. Cut the the grass, went for a walk , took a nap and even got My Daughters Rugby game in. What an exciting sport, lots of action. Belle River HS won against Chatham Kent SS 7-5.

There were alot of injuries, one Girl got quite a shiner. Jaymie being a rookie, and not making all of the practices because of work sat and watched the first game. Hopefully she'll get in the next game.

I'm really loving the Bike...nice to get out on that open road and feel the wind through my helmet. It is helping with my running cadence.

The swimming is great too. I still have not been out in the open water yet...maybe this weekend? I haven't made it to the Masters swim all week due to Company and now my Wife has been out of town for a few days but she will be back tomorrow night. Maybe I will make it out on Saturday.

The running is great. My base pace is just as fast as my race pace last year so we'll see how I do in my races. I plan on running a half on Mother's day but my plan for that is to run a steady slower pace through the whole thing I am planning 8:00 minute miles, I will have to fight that surge at the begining of the race hopefully there will be pace people there!

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