Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forest City 1/2 Marathon

Well...felt really good this morning. Woke up at 4:00am the make the 1:45 trip to London. Got there in Plenty of time to register and use the facilities before the big lines started. I had time to warm up and was pretty excited to start.

I was feeling good. 1st few miles were right on cue 8:00 miles. Then came the hills. As someone described them as gently rolling, I thought they were more like mountains. Windsor is very flat , London is not. It is not that I ever felt terrible but I had a hard time judging my pace (even though I had my Garmin on) I slowed on the hills and when I finally saw a down grade the wind was right in our face.

I walked all of the aide stations which took some time off . There were a couple of hills that I walked on also. In the end Garmin beat me by 8:40. I was a bit off pace but reasonable happy with my run considering the longest run I have done this season so far has been 13 miles. I could have been way more prepared and realize that following a plan would have been beneficial.

I was a perfect morning for a run the weather couldn't have been nicer other than the wind. The race in my mind was very well organized and I had a great time.

I had another Blogger encounter. Today I met ALI. She is just as funny in real life and it was really great chatting with her and putting a face (other than a profile picture) with the Blog!

I have to give a shout out to our Friend Dawn who qualified for Boston today at the Mississauga Marathon!!!!


Ali said...

Congrats again Jeff!

It was great to finally met you, I'll have to find a race in your area next.

Leslie said...

Hey Jeff I finally looked you up again! The picture of you and Mike reminded me to look for my pics from that weekend. Fortunately I put most of them on facebook since the computer crashed. So when is your first tri?