Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keeping up

I've decided. I am going to stick with posting on my blog. For me it is a good way to keep track of my training. I need to keep track of my training cause if I don't I just get lazy and think I am doing enough but I am not.

This morning I went over to watch my little niece Madeline while my Sister and Wife went to their group run at the local sports store. I hear Kelly was too sore to do the class so she sat out :) It is an 8 week 'learn to run' program leading up to a 5km race on July 19th right here in beautiful Belle River during the annual Sun Splash Week-end. I'm sure Becca will be putting her truck into the Classic Cruise on the Friday before the race.

Training Log; Well I already told you about my brick workout yesterday. I went to hockey last night and got a good 1 1/2 hour in. Enough that when I did my 4 mile run this afternoon my hamstrings and groin were very tight. I took it easy for the first couple of miles about 8:30 pace to strech out a bit. Then when I got to the West beach I walked along the beach for a bit . The wind was howling (gusting to 35kph) out of the North and it was very chilly. On the way home I took it easy again for a bit and then ran about a mile @ 6:30 pace and took it really easy the rest of the way home. Surprisingly I felt really loose when I got home but still stretched and then had my "smoothie".
Tonight;XStretch with P90X

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