Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Open Water

Today I went out to do a "brick workout". I decided to go into the lake where the Belle River Triathlon is happening this weekend. I rode down there and my lovely Wife brought me my wetsuit and "stuff". Open water to me is a little intimidating. You can't really see where you are going especially when the wind is gusting at 26kph.

I tried my best to simulate what would happen in the race but I just have no clue where the swim starts. Anyhow I went off of the East beach figuring it was less rough there today. I saw a couple of the infamous Belle River Blobs, that really didn't make me feel comfortable. I splashed around for a bit and then headed in. Becca said I was only out there for like 10 15 minutes and I had to swim more. So I went over to the little fishing area where no one was fishing and did a couple of lengths and got out.
I then mounted my bike and followed the fainted paint on the roads from last years duathlon and followed it for about 6.5 miles and headed back. It was easy going out with the wind at my back. I was pushing 25-26 mph's with very little effort. The way back was different. I had a hard time staying 18mph. Not too bad though. Even with a brief water stop I kicked out 19mph for 13 miles.

I talked to Kona Shelley tonight and she said that the swim was going to go from the Marina and around the lighthouse ??? Who knows..it is only 500 meters hopefully I'll be able to keep my head above water! At least the wetsuit floats!

Congrats to all who attended the Ottawa race weekend ...Wish I could have been there!
Kelly Finnerty 3:29:59.6 way to break that 3:30!

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