Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Gear = better running

Got a new pair of Asic gt-2130's for Father's day.

You really don't notice how far gone your favourite pair of shoes are until you step into the new model after > a few hundred miles on the old ones (I ran 2 marathons and a least one half in the old ones). I took them out for a spin this AM. That little pain in my knee went away and the shoe is very responsive ...picked up some speed. Ran the whole 7 miles without any problem. Shoes fit great right out of the box.

The bike is in for repair seems I had a couple of cracked/broken nipples which caused the rim to come out of true on the rear wheel. He said that the casette was loose also.
I am going to have to get myself a big book on how to identify bike parts and problems...seems like it is an easy fix...I want to get back on that saddle asap.


Leslie said...

Need some Lansinoh for your nipples?

Leslie said...

Thanks for picking us up last night. It was way too late to walk an extra two miles!

Ali said...

We are ascis twins!