Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Had a great rest day yesterday. If you want to call it that. We ended up going to the 50th anniversary of the Windsor/Detroit fireworks after a questionable afternoon of severe thunderstorms and funnel clouds. About 8:30 we took off downtown and found a quite cozy spot right up front and centre of the three barges. The show was amazing and the percussion from the explosions shook the ground. It had little Joey amazed as he looked behind us to see where the sounds were coming from (the sound was bouncing of of the buildings). We parked a couple miles away and walked wagon in tow. All in all not too bad we made it home at midnight after stopping for some much needed Mc Flurries!

Training is going great. I am really concentrating on my swimming and running. I have been antsy to get on my bike and go for some good distance rides but the schedule has been quite full lately. Tomorrow morning I am going to get a good 1 hour ride in before I go swimming. I know it should be the other way around but you only got so much time! I have been planning on doing my rides early AM but it kinda got kiboshed by my part time work where I have to start at 7:00 am and the evening is out of the question cause the lovely wife works afternoons :( I just have to be always prepared for a chance to get out hence bringing all of my swim/bike/run stuff with me as much as possible.

I have decided to run the Full Detroit Marathon. I have combined my training to get my miles in but still leave enough time to get swimming and biking in. I have my 3 do or die runs every week ...speed, tempo and long... plus enough time to get some recovery runs in plus cross training needed for Steelhead. The only tricky part is to taper for steelhead enough to have some juice left in the tank.


Leslie said...

Detroit eh? Becca and I called it first. Do you think Mike can handle all four kids? Want me to hire Shelby to help him?

67merc said...

Any volunteers to run the 5K with Jake????