Sunday, June 29, 2008

Build for George

Just got back from the Build for George Ic ouldn't believe how many dedicated people were there. Some of them only surviving on a couple hours of sleep in the 3 days it took to build Georges new home.

There were so many volunteers everyone so willing to do anything and everything. I can't even conceive how they sucessfully orchestrated the whole thing. Still they were on time even with the skies opening up for at least 3 hours on everyday day of the build.

I was a grunt. The first day we were there the bunch of us moved drywall cleaned up and put the finishing touches on the framing so the walls could be drywalled. Today we moved about 20 yards of top soil and finished the sod in the back yard...while it was raining, plus putting the finishing touches on everything around the yard.

Then it was time to MOVE THAT BUS. George and his family seemed quite happy about their new home. This is the type of stuff that happends for a guy with such a big heart and unbreakable spirit.

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