Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Crap

Where has summer gone?

Looks like I haven't missed too much though. I haven't been racing or anything like that but I am keeping up my trainging the best I can given my very busy schedule. I'm mangaing 3 rides a week and although I missed last weeks long run I am at the track on Tuesdays and doing threshold runs on Thursday. My biking has been to and from work...or should I say from and to work. I have been riding home leaving my car at work then riding back my next shift to pick it up. It is an average of 20 miles each way.

Confession time..way back when I said that there was no way you'd catch me in those tri suits or spandex....well I lied. Last week I bought my first pair of bib shorts. You are really not cool unless you own a pair. I also have a cycling jersey so I look totally Tour de Franceish. I'll have to post a picture...it is not flattering at all :)

Well time to go for my track session tonight
1.5 miles eZ
9 X 400m @ 6:27 pace with a 2 minute active recovery
1.5 eZ cooldown

eZ= 9:30-10:00 mile

Tomorrow 1 + hours bike in the AM

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Leslie said...

Sorry I can't help but laugh. Please don't get Mike to buy one!