Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update

It's been a while again. Although I come to my blog everyday to link to other peoples blogs, I have rarely been writing. Things haven't been the greatest lately. I've been suffering from some lower back issues and am in dire need of getting into the Chiropractor. Add that to my 7lbs weight gain and it makes it hard to run.

I've been getting my son Jake ready for the Jingle Bell run coming up this Sunday. We have been getting out regularly and he is doing really well. He is actually at the point that he can run the whole 5km on his own. So I am going to let him run with my Dad and I am going to run this one a bit quicker depending on my back condition on that day.

I have been swimming quite a bit. I am re introducing myself to swimming. Start off slowly and ramping my yardage week by week at a pace that is comfortable to me. I think I am doing well and I am working on my breathing and stroke.

I have only been on my bike a few time lately. I rode 15 miles from work a few days ago and plan on pulling that trainer out soon.

I am at a stage right now where I am in limbo. My training for my spring Marathon starts soon December 7 th to be exact. So right now I am not running more than 6miles at a time and have only been putting in 20 miles a week. My plan is to ramp that up a bit and at the same time drop a bunch of weight before the Holidays start.

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