Tuesday, November 18, 2008

week off

I've been idle for about a week now as far as training is concerned.  I hurt my back and it seems to have stemmed from my hamstrings being too tight. We are just wrapping up boat wrapping season and the up and down the ladder, bending over, lifting, pulling... repeat has taken it's toll on me.

Jacob did really well in Essex on Sunday. He and my Dad ran in the Jingle Bell run. There were a few problems with the run, it seems that the person(s) that were supposed to tell the runners to turn down this street weren't there or were confused or something causing the runners to go a good 1.5km past the turn before realizing they went the  wrong way. Some of the runners that ran the race last year knew where to go but the leaders really had no clue. There were no maps of the course like there was last year. The starter did give instructions...shows you how many people listen.

Jake and my Dad had fun, they ended up running 8km instead. I guess they got their $$$ worth :)

The new Cervelo P2 Carbons have started hitting the show rooms. I am pretty happy that you can now get the red one in the Ultegra version. I am going to have to hit a dealer that keeps em in stock to get a real feel for the new colour scheme. Maybe Santa will get me one for Christmas?

Dear Santa
 I have been a really good boy this year. All I want is a Cervelo P2 Carbon, size 54, red . Stock is fine but if you could also get me some Zipp disc wheels preferably the sub 900's.

thank you,

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Kona Shelley said...

I had seen the results for this race and wondered why someone who normally does a 20min 5k did over 30??
Anyways, hope Santa brings you those goodies..you will NEED them.:-)