Tuesday, November 25, 2008

swimming like a fish

I have been practising my swimming lately by myself at a smaller pool apart from masters swim. I've felt a bit over my head at masters trying to follow the workouts the "coach" posts on the board. So I have been swimming solo trying to relax and gradually build my swimming endurance up, just like I do running.

I read the book total immersion swimming. I have been practising their methods and am making some great improvements. I am feeling way more relaxed in the pool and have cut my stroke rate down considerably. I am crusing along without struggle and breathing quite well on both sides.


Gords said...

I think the guy in the video coasts too long, but it may be that he's just exaggerating the movements to show a clean and effortless stroke. This is a good drill for emphasizing a good long reach forward, but swimming with that long pause at reentry isn't very fast.

Jeff said...

I agree, but you'd be suprised how quickly you get moving by "coasting along" like that. I was amazed I took my stroke count down from way over 25 to between 17-20 per 25 meters and actually got quicker.

Ali said...

it looks effortless ... what's the secret?