Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to masters

Well got up super early this morning and went to the masters swim where it all started. I was the only one in the slow lane today and just went about on my merry own pace. The workout was something like 4000m in total for the 1 1/2. Somewhere where I am in no shape to finish. I struggle just to get a 400m warm up in.
So this is what my workout looked like;
6 X 50m free
4 X 50m pull
200m kick
MS 4 X 100m level 6
4 X 50m
3 x 50m drill
3 X 50 Level 4

I am totally amazed at what the other swimmers can do. As I caught my breath at the end of the lane I watched all these seasoned veteran swimmers do lap after lap...maybe someday. Considering I couldn't swim a length when I started just over a year ago, I am quite happy with what I am doing out there.

On a side note;
today when I drove my son to school there was this guy who had his dog on a 15 foot leash while he riding his bike. Normally you laugh and say man that dog is getting a good workout while his lazy POS master is to lazy to run with him. But today was different. In the middle of all the morning traffic, on the main road leading out of town this guy has his Lab on a way too long leash in a way too busy area and guess what...His dog decided to cross the street right in front of all the cars bringing him dangerously close to being run over across both lanes of traffic...NICE JOB YOU F*!KING IDIOT. Maybe invest in a helmet cause you are going to need it!

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Serge Gingras said...

Hey there Jeff, nice post about the dog.... Hey glad to see the swimming is comming along, your going good. Very impressed... You doing any races this year or just Tri's? Anyhow let me know, I'm thinking possibly around the bay, I'm going to do Ottawa and Montreal and toronto Soctiabank Half maybe.