Sunday, February 22, 2009

New tattoo

I went to look at the in progress drawing for my new tattoo... I have an existing Maltese cross and wanted to fancy it up a bit by putting a dragon around it. My main focus was to get the feeling of safety and protection from the Dragon. The way they drew it looked a bit too demonic for me so I am having them take out the horns and make it look a bit mor friendly, but I am happy with the overall appearance and the way that the wings wrap around the existing tat. The black shading will not be there, it will be dark but with some detail of the dragons body. I also asked for some flames and a tail to wrap around to the back near my elbow.

The one on the right I took the horns off and added a pupil in the eye...instantly says Friendlier

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Anonymous said...

use an Asian dragon.. that'll be beautiful... or Japanese dragon... the mythic dragons look a little "evil and cartoony"