Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pedestrian Crossing?

What does this mean to you????

To me it means if someone is standing there and there is a lot of traffic, stop and let the person cross the street. Apparently I am 1 in 50 that think this way. In fact when I stopped for this person 2 vehicles behind me decided they would pass me on the right, coming extremely close to the person crossing the street. Upon deciding that I was being more of a danger to this person I decided to move on and gave her a shrug.
Unkown to me another idiot person was passing me on the right. He had to slow a bit so I could continue but what ensued after that was arm waving, swearing and alot of horn honking. He was frothing at the mouth and going into convulsions.
I will say that I should have stayed committed to staying where I was but I really felt that person crossing the street was in more danger with me staying there since the people passing me were not in a lane at all but the parking spaces close to the curb.
Anyhow when I turned into Tim Horton's I gave him a wave (very nicely of course) and invited him for a coffee, but....
Why are we all so wrapped up in ourselves that we don't give courtesy to other my son said "maybe that guy was having a bad day?"


Anonymous said...

God help the unfortunate bastard that attempts to impede on my person space whilst I'm crossing the road from my trail-not a force to be reckoned with when I run.Just ask a few pylons I've encountered in my time.Revenge hath no fury like a women scorned.

Jeff said...

I would hate to run into you Bab's :)

Kona Shelley said...


Jeffscentreman said...

When I used to run for the U of W, cars never stopped for us, we had one runner who ran over the hood of the driver's car. It was classic. Unfortunately, he was wearing his Windsor jacket and they guy followed him to the track. However, point taken I am sure. When I moved out west, I nearly flew through a cross walk, I couldn't figure out why everyone was stopping. It is strictly a Windsor phenomenon. In Calgary, walkers and runners always get the right away and driver's are alot friendly here than anywhere I have been. It's not perfect though, there still seems to be the one fatality a year when someone gets clipped because the teenager forgot to stop.