Saturday, March 7, 2009

I should get my butt in gear

but I'm having so much fun being sick....

A big shout out to my darling daughter for getting her G2 license. On day one she set off alone to her friends house, day 2 tonight she is going to the show...yesss, I don't have to pick her up @ 11:30 after the show!

We were all sick here at the Wilson house and I haven't been in the state to be too physically active. Although on the first day of the "warm up (spring teaser)" I took "BLUE" out for a nice 45 minute ride outside. I must say that Areo has never been so comfortable. It handles great and I was hitting some great MPH's in the small chain ring.

Tonight I am going to take blue into the garage and ride on the trainer for an hour then go for a good easy half hour run after.

Tomorrow weather permittingcause I am so soft now a 1 hour run. Morning

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