Friday, March 13, 2009

Push on

Looked like a good morning for a run since I was supposed to run last night and didn't out of sheer laziness. Even this morning I was going to wake up a the crack of dawn to get it done. I even put out my clothes and charged Garmin. Still when the alarm went off at 6AM I shut it off and hopped back into bed.
This week is the start of a new program. This is the week where and when I say I am going to really get into it and do it all - no skipping workouts. Why would I skip them anyhow, I'm feeling good... get er done.
So we get up. Everyone in the house is running just a tad late.... they manage to get out of the house on time, they are gone. Nobody left but Joey and me. I sit down at the computer and send Jaymie Gurl a txt message, I can do that now cause we got her a cell phone for when she goes away to school. She wasn't out of the house for 2 minutes... I love it a new way to keep in touch with her ever busier life. I check my email. Run aroound the house picking up the endless mess. Play puzzles with Joey. Doorbell rings! Hey it's Kelly, she is picking up my wetsuit to put a new zipper in it for me cause I am too fat, and tried to force the zipper too much.
Great now my wetsuit will be fixed just in time for the Ice to melt off the lake and wait another 2 months before my first open water swim. Yeah!
Procrastinate. Tidy up the kitchen. Head to the bedroom. Better put this running stuff on, may be this will give me the motivation to head out the door. Get it on and about a 1000 things go through my mind. Now I have to get Joey dressed. Where is that Ipod? Oh yeah Becca mentioned something about maybe I should use my handy dandy bike pump and put the right amount of pressure in the tires on the stroller. About a half hour later Joey is dawning his coat.
"Joey, do you want to go for a stroller ride?"
"No.....I want to go for a stroller run Daddy!"
Well that does it we are heading out.
Joey gets under his protective rain/wind cover and we are off. We walk to the end of the street and the running begins. First I take it easy and feel really good, Garmin confirms I am taking it easy. It is supposed to be a "moderate 35 minute run with 6 X 30 second fartleks sprinkled in" so I bump it up to a moderate pace. Stroller is handling very well. Who would of thought that by pumping the tires up from 20lbs to the 40lbs they are supposed to be at would make that much of a difference...Who...Knew?
We make our way down my standard 5km loop but I can't just do that I am running for 35 minutes that is at least 4 miles. So I start arguing with myself on what the best way to.
"Well I'll turn at St. Charles head down to 11th to Notre Dame then to Ducharme then come around back West along the lake road to Timmies for a coffee. That will add the extra mile."
"No, run down to the Marina go East along the lake road, back West down Old Tecumseh to Timmies for a coffee. That will add the extra mile."
While I argue with my self I run right past St. Charles to the end of the Marina, turn around head back towards the Lake road and head West the total opposite direction that I wanted to head. As I am doing this I look at my watch and think that may be I should start doing my fartleks.
I am now on Caille Ave instead of Lakeview drive as I run my first 30 sec Fartlek 5:25 pace..not too shabby. As I recover, I notice how beautiful of a day it is and my mind wanders off. I am breathing fine again and head off for another 30sec killer fartlek. I continue on and at the end of #4 fartlek I have this overwhelming urge to check Garmin. Hmmmm 35 minutes has passed. How can that be I've only done 4 Fartleks and I am still heading away from home. Better turn around. I could walk back, but then I really would not have finished my run. I still had 2 Fartleks to go. So I push on and finish the Fartleks ending up running for 45 minute instead of 35. You know I really feel good about no abandoning the last 2 and finishing up my run.
We walk to timmies for a coffee. I sit down still sweating and wearing winter running gear in the store. We leave after a coffee and an apple juice for Joey and walk the mile home. I wonder why I am so cold. Couldn't be sitting there sweating for 15 minutes in tim hortons, having a warm coffee and then heading back out into the 34 degree weather could it?
All told it was a great run that I could have easily put off. I am sticking to this schedule, even if it means shuffling the workouts around.

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