Monday, April 6, 2009

Jake and Me

As the Martians invaded Dearborn on Saturday my 9 year old son ran his first 5km of the season. With only 5 training runs under his belt before the race he belted out a 32:41. He came 4th in his age group.
The morning was cold and windy. We arrived 2 hours early to the expo to pick our race packages. The technical are probably the coolest I have seen. All around outside and inside the expo were Aliens, in the trees on the parking meters - all over the place.

The course was out and back. It was nice a few rolling hills. About a mile into the run Jake got a cramp that he said felt like someone shot him...and since we were technically in Detroit I had to take a look around. I didn't hear any weapons discharge so I taught Jake how to slow down his breathing and breathe into his stomach. This helped a whole bunch. He was able to practise this through the rest of the race and only stopped one other time to sip some water at the turn around.

He was feeling much better towards the end of the race and was picking off people left and right. We decided that at a certain point about 250 meters from the finish that he would "bring it in strong" Boy did he ever, he was off like a shot...I took a video of it :). Before anyone makes a comment I do sound like a Psycho Dad, but I was really excited for him! Yes I was getting out of breath trying to catch him! BTW his goal time was 33:00.

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Leslie said...

That's awesome! Good for Jakey!