Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just the way I like it. I've been Swimming, biking and running. I almost rolled over the other morning to get that extra cpl hours of sleep, in fact I did but thoughts floating around in my head guilted me into heading out the door and made it to the pool b4 5:30am.

Swimming is going great. I am really finding my position in the water. I think me being obsessive about it is a good thing ...for now.

I headed out to the Beller River Social Group Run on Tuesday night. It was a great run. I am finding that group running is my long as they run slow enough for me to keep up :)
It was a lot further than I expected to run, but I guess that goes to show ya that I still have a bit of a base left.

Today I rode my mountain bike out to meet my Wife for lunch..about an hour out and then an hour back. It was very windy and drizzly out so I left my Cervelo at home. it is great to be able to ride along the paths and jump curbs and not worry about the rims. I think this will be a great training tool for the winter, those big knobby tyres are super resistive.

I can't wait to find out what Station I am at next year to see if I will be able to ride in to work...

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