Thursday, November 19, 2009

where to start

I've been keeping myself many things so little time :)
Now that boat wrapping is done I can concentrate on getting some projects done...and more training in :) Got part of my first project done today, fixing the shed. It's only been a year since a big wind storm picked up my shed and puffed it out like jiffy pop. Works in progress include getting the garage and laundry room clean, finally finish fixing up buddy bike...(which is moving at an incredible pace now just need one more part) and general fix ups around the house (that crazy toilet is still leaking)

I got my mountain bike back in working condition thanks to Blaze at Source for Sports in BR. It actually is a sweet bike to ride when it is in good shape. I won it from Tim Hortons back in 1998. With a tail wind I had it going 34kph yeaterday on the lake road, you should've heard those knobby tires humming :) It should be a great way to stay in shape over the winter.

Swimming is going Jen has us swimming better than ever before. Those hard days of waking up @ 4:45am to get there for 5:30 are well worth it. I think coming into the pool with a good base from the excessive open water swimming all summer made a huge difference.
I've got my pace down to 1:35/100m we'll see what that translates into in the open water.
Today was crazy at the pool though. Way too many ppl. It was hard to do any of the sets without running into someone. It was almost like being at a race with all the arms and feet..only thing is I have never almost ran into someone head on in a race before.

Something that makes me laugh...I have met alot of ppl lately of all different abilities. I find people talking at the pool or at races are always making comments to me like "ohh man I got to bed late last night so I am struggling" or "I drank alot of wine last night I can hardly breathe" o .. I just think back to all the days that I have made excuses for my poor performance and realize now that it is just ability and conditioning. People have to make a start somewhere and as long as you're putting a good effort in there should be no excuses. It's what you put into it.


carey said...

I think you are right, man. No excuses. I have been biking and swimming a lot recently, with a bit of running thrown in, and I do yoga every day, which helps with balance, flexibility, and even strength. I have also recently added working out at the gym twice a week, and it has already started to help with my overall conditioning. Getting in good shape and staying there is really hard, but it is one of the most important ways to spend your time, I think. Keep it up!!

Leslie said...

You fixed the shed! Holy shit I thought it was going to get ripped down for sure. What's wrong with the buddy bike? I think Mike wants to ride it in June.

Jeff said...

The bike will be ready for him...that's why I kept it :)
Just some major problems getting the right adapter for the stem.

Leslie said...

I think he's still having problems with the pedals on his mountain bike. He's going to have to take it back in.