Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feels so fine

It is great to be able to get out on my tri bike at this time of year. It is Sunny 43 degrees with the wind howling at about 31mph from  West South West (mostly west). I rode for an hour and a half today, I was only going to ride for an hour but I loved that wind so much I kept going. Actually I was heading mostly South on my way out and the wind was whipping so hard across my face a few times it took my breath away. When I got to the end of that the southern stretch I turned east to see how hard the wind was blowing without pedaling I was going 13kph (8 mph). I turned around and began my struggle into the wind. It was only about 5 miles straight into the wind, but it was a long 5 miles straight into the wind :) Felt good for the whole ride. I had a hammer gel about half way through and sipped water throughout the ride.
Checkout my bike route.

I got home and changed into my running gear. It only took me about 5 minutes and I was off running. I took another hammer gel and drank some water. I took it easy on this run. I calculated a route in which I would end up at Tim Hortons to get a coffee for the walk home. I had to do an extra little loop to make it exactly 30 minutes but I was very close I passed by at 28 minutes. I felt drained during the run although I was taking it very easy. I should learn to make a sports drink to sip on during the bike ride. Next brick workout I will incorporate that.

It was a nice walk home. I put myself in a great position for the walk home. The last part of my run I ran due West and had the wind to my back for the walk home. I enjoyed my coffee and it felt great with sun on my back. I always like to walk the mile back home from Tim Hortons, it gets my heart rate down and I think it is good for my legs.

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