Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love running when it snows!

Only when it just starts snowing. Today I rode for and hour on my rollers and then was pleasantly suprised to see it snowing when I headed outside for my run. I really enjoy the big flakes of snow and how quiet everything seems. It also takes my mind off the run. I was running very comfortably and was suprised to see that it was at 8 minute miles. I did slow down near the end but I wasn't going for speed or distance just 35 minutes. It is nice just to be "putting in the miles"

The rollers are crazy. I averaged 20kph today at a moderate effort spinning at about 90rpm. I feel that I will be a much better/ stronger cyclist when I hit the road in the spring with the rollers. I think it really mimics road conditions but at a bit higher level than I ride right now... I would describe it a riding into a constant, strong  head wind. 

I did my usual end my run at Tim Horton's routine.  It was nice to walk home with my coffee, plus I stopped by the local sports shop and chatted with my friend there (I think he might buy a set of rollers himself). I am feeling good after this workout and I am impressed by my run after spending an hour on the rollers. I'd like to keep this up. I am trying for a ride every second day and run at least 5days a week.

My swimming is coming along well. The pool is almost a place of relaxation for me. I am building myself back up to swimming super fast again and I am taking it a bit easy. Alot of the time I put myself behind the other swimmers in my lane, when I am out front I always push myself too hard.

I am trying to get my nutrition under control again. I have been pretty lax about what I have been eating lately. The toughest time I am having is at work. They have been eating a lot of red and dead lately. The portion sizes are wacked! For example our last meal we had 1lbs tbone steaks with roasted potatoes, and a salad. When I say salad it was just romain lettuce with dressing on it. I know it is the holiday season and we are going to be eating more and more crap, so I am going to have to limit myself.

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Suzanad said...

I would love to make Tim's be my mid-run stop :)
However, it would suck running with a belly full of hot chocolate - since Tim's isn't very close to my house :(