Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What to wear?

This morning on the way home from work it was chilly and there was a bit of frost on the windshield. I was primed for an early morning run but it started raining and I figured I'd wait it out and get a run in between raindrops. I finally got out around 4:30pm I had my toque, dri-fit longsleeve, my thin jacket, my running pants, my Dri-FIT compression Shorts, socks,and shoes. I was way too hot. By the time I got out the door the temp changed up to around 50F which around here right now is almost shorts and no shirt weather. Needless to say the toque came off immediately and at about halfway so did the dri-fit longsleeve. It is so hard to tell what to wear in the spring. **Just a note: My Dri-FIT compression Shorts are always worn underneath either light running shorts or pants. I have seen many guys wear them in runs and it comes under the heading of too much information it is almost like Mr. nude guy in the locker room brushing his teeth. **

At about the halfway point I stopped for a quick drink, a stretch and the wardrobe change. A younger guy ran by just as I was turning around. He turned down the street which was my turn around point. I stopped for a good 3-5 minutes. As I came back into the little hamlet known a Puce there he was coming down the highway. It seems he was doing a loop run and he was a bit ahead of me. Not being the competative sort I sped up to catch him. I know he was looking back to see if the old man was catching up and adjusted his speed accordingly. We did this for about a mile and a half when he turned down a side street and stopped at his house. I faired well I think considering he only ran abot 4 miles where I was on my 6 and a half mile and still had 5.5 to go.
I took it pretty easy for the rest of the run knowing this week is going to be a killer..

Tuesday: 7 miles

Wednesday: 12 miles

Thursday: Cross training (a long walk with my wife and a bike ride)

Friday: 11 miles with 6miles at 1/2 marathon pace

Saturday: 5 miles Recovery

Sunday: 20 miles ugggg!

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