Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Blogger's block

I've just been too busy reading other people's blogs. Breaking the tape.com has a bunch of really great people writing some really great posts about their running,swimming,cycling,racing and personal things. Not to mention some great training tools to keep track of and display on our blogs everything from daily milage to a predictor for how fast we'll run a Marathon. Everytime I get on the computer it's a ritual, check my email then check out BTT.
I had a great begining of the week to my training after that it kinda fell apart. Saturday was a struggle, right from the start my legs felt like cement plus the wind that made me feel like I was running on the spot didn't help either.
Sunday, ohhhh Sunday that is all I have to say...other than the great company I had in Uncle Mike the run isn't much to talk about.
This week is going to be another tough and challenging week ending with a 20 miler. I might acutally try 21/22 depending on how I feel.

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