Monday, April 9, 2007

Great weekend of running and everything else

The weekend started off well on Friday when Uncle Mike and I got together for his long run. He had 16 miles to run, I only had 12. On my way to his place I stopped and got some Power Gels while he was running the first 4 miles of his run. It was cold and windy but for 90% of the run the wind was at our sides, straight on for the last 3 miles. We did our hill training on the 401 overpasses X 4 and the pace was steady and strong.
Saturday night my daughter her friend and I headed downtown Detroit for a concert @ Saint Andrews Hall (not even 5 minutes from the Canadian border) It was a great time, the Bands- Envy on the Coast, Circa Survive, As Tall as Lions and Cute is What We Aim for. Great deal for the $ 15.00USD per ticket and great entertainment in a small cozy venue. As tempted as I was to join in the Mosh Pit I stayed away. Most of the kids in there were < 150lbs and my 187-200 pound frame would probably have hurt a few of them!
Then there was my long 20 Miler. We were invited over to Uncle Mike's for Easter dinner so My plan was to run to his place in time to take a shower etc. before dinner. It was cold and there was a 15MPH wind coming directly into my face for the first 18miles of my run. Something I was concerned about from the word go, around here I try to run East or North/Sounth as much as possible because of the prevailing Westerly winds. I kept a great even pace though and felt really good through most of the run. Uncle Mike met me on his bike @ mile 16 and encouraged me through the rest of my run. Finally @ mile 18 I turned up Walker road towards Uncle Mike's house and the wind was at my side and actually giving me a bit of a push. Feeling so good I decided to give it 2 extra Miles and gave a good sprint at the end to a 3:20 22 mile run. Right a the low end of my "training target" of 8:54 to 9:54 pace for a 3:35 Marathon.I then walked for a mile in a half while Uncle Mike went and got his car to pick me up. I was still a few miles from his house.
I'm feeling pretty confident with still another 20 miler to go in 3 weeks and a bunch of speed work in between that.
I will meet my goal!
We signed up for a 10Mile run next Sunday in WindsorRace 2: Miracle Run 10 m / 5 km - April 15 ...I haven't decided yet wether or not to stick with Uncle Mike and our friend Dawn or really push it and go for a PR. I'm leaning towards the latter eventhough I don't have a 10Mile result so no matter what it will be my PR. BLOG

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