Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lessons learned;

#1- Checkout the race venue and if you can train on it before running the race. Seems to me a couple of years ago I ran a 5km race at the exact same place as my 10 miler today and the hills did not seem so bad. That is probably because we did not have to run up them 3X.Infact if you look closely enough the entry form says steep grade +/- 60 degrees. Todays 10 miler was a very hilly run and also more of a cross country course that was mucky and had lotsa puddles.

#2- For me, if I have to work the night before you can darn well expect to have a conflagration ( A large and destructive fire) kinda like what happend this morning @5:00am. FIRE I was really lucky to be out of there in time to make it to the race. I'm not complaining cause I really love my job...I'm just making excuses.

#3- Have fun. It didn't even take me a lap to realize all this stuff. So I enjoyed the company of Uncle Mike and our DUOthon friend Dawn who ran with us today. That is for part of the race anyhow.

I believe my time was 1:30:20ish? Dawn's time 1:34:ish? Mike 1:40:ish? Still waiting on the results to be posted.
Race 2: Miracle Run 10 m / 5 km - April 15 results We all raced really well given the tough course. It felt good to be able to pass about 10-12 people in the last mile and have a strong last half mile sprinting to the finish. Seems my endurance training is working.
18 Miles with Joey tomorrow!

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Shelley said...

Hey..thanks for visiting my blog..I like yours!! It was a fun race and I wish I would have finished, but I know my ITB would be a mess right now instead of feeling pretty darned good...glad you had a great race!!