Sunday, December 9, 2007

24 weeks til my next Marathon...

it's about time. I need to get back into a routine. I was filling out all 24 weeks day by day, run by run onto my calender to day and was getting really excited to get back into it.

We went out tonight. Got my daughter to watch the kids. We went to Best Buy with my Parents. They had a "Customer Appreciation Day" They had 5 draws 2 every half hour for a chance to win a chance to BUY a Wii console! We were planning for a long time to buy a wii for the kids and actually had the opportunity a few times but passed it by. We figured we would go tonight and try our luck. I'm sure the kids won't be disappointed not to find one under the tree cause they really aren't expecting one. I know there will be plenty after Christmas and am patient enough not to pay $400-$700 to people who like to take advantage/make a profit off of their forethought.

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