Monday, December 10, 2007

This is the life!

Man what a way to start a training is a rest day. I'm keeping hydrated and really trying to eat proper. Veggies, fruits, nuts, grains, and beans are going to make up most of my diet and I am going to try to stick with lean cuts of meat, and with the whole grain breads and pasta.

The freezing rain season is upon us. I'll have to get pretty creative with my runs and try to sneak em in when possible. There is a spreadsheet below to my training for the week, I'll be updating it and putting what actual training I did below it. The XT areas are going to be swimming, biking, and even recovery jogs. That is where I have to be a bit creative also cause I'll definitly be way over my miles, time and intensity of the XT. The way I figure it my swimming and biking may takeover some of my running, and the XT will be recovery runs!

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