Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday, December 11,2007

Can you tell I couldn't think of a suitable title for this one? I'm a bit tired from the Hockey late last night (10:30pm-11:45) and the early morning swim (5:30AM) so I am not thinking to well. I'll take care of that soon, Joey and I have scheduled a nap for just after lunch!

Uncle Mike has joined us at the pool...he's the guy who last year ran a Marathon and a half Marry with me, and happens to be my Brother in law, and happens to be the guy beside me in my title bar! Both of us are not very good swimmers but he seems to have the edge on me. I'm still floundering and haven't the endurance that he does.

I still have a run scheduled for today...I may have to do it later. Joey and I were all geared up and it started to rain...freezing rain. I know that it could rain on race day but I am not taking Joey out if it is not safe on the roads. I'll have plenty of time later.

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Ali said...

I'm not a big fan of running in ice rain, it's terrible you are just asking to fall.