Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Got my run in!!!!!

There's a title for ya. There was freezing rain, drizzly , sleet and I thinks I saw some snow at one point today. After my scheduled nap I looked out...still raining. I waited and waited. Then finally at 8:00pm I said enough is enough I'm going running. I was not about to faulter on my first run day!

One note about gear ...I need more reflection. I thought my new "Detroit Marathon" Jacket was very reflective, but as it turns out when it gets wet no reflection. I came close to cars 2x, good thing I am a good avoider and run towards traffic and never in front of a turning car. Even if we make eye contact, I run behind.

Feels good to run 6 miles again. I weighed myself before going out the door. 194 with clothes on...192 when I got back with clothes on and wet!

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