Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Week 1 started out great. The end of the week not so great. I had a bunch of really good runs but didn't quite get all of my runs in between snowstorms and fires.

This week I have about the same amount of running to put in with the exception of an extra mile on Sunday. I missed swimming on Thursday and Tuesday but will be back in the water tomorrow. Hopefully I can find somewhere to swim over the Holidays so I don't lose what little I have gained!

I've been looking at some races for 2008 and trying to put a list together. From a marathon, to a small tri then to a 1/2 IM and a 1/2 marathon to end the season? I'm just not sure...I have about 10 races I really want to get into ..but I have to be somewhat reasonable.

Run log; last nights run was supposed to be 6 miles at 8:36-9:30 pace..I ended up only running 5.04 miles at an 8:42pace 44:00. At about mile 3 I was running 8:13miles and slipped a bit. I hurt my left leg a bit, the pain is still there...I hope it goes away, it feels like achilles...

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