Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday run

Decided to go for a nice run today. The sun is out, there is hardly any wind, and I am assuming today I'll need to burn some calories before I gorge myself on Easter dinner!

4 miles at a nice average pace of 8:20. Ran on the shoulder of the road today. This time of year it is nice and soft feels really good on the knees. Everywhere people were moving about all dressed up in their nice Sunday Best, while I was running by with my finest running apparel and Ipod blaring the Kooks,the Hives and the Fratellis.

The Splits;

  1. 8:13
  2. 8:20
  3. 8:33
  4. 8:07

The 2nd, and 3rd mile were on the gravel shoulder of the road so a bit slower. I love watching the cars go by! The sun felt nice on my face...can't wait to get the shorts on!


Shelley said... too..ran around including down by the river...check out my video unter type in "konashelley"...see ya swimming.

davegibb said...

I only wish I ran today rather than 16 miles on Friday in the GD snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm suprised that you like the shoulder. The mud this time of years makes me nuts. See ya tuesday AM

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