Saturday, May 31, 2008

Belle River Triathlon: Race report

The Swim: Interesting to say the least. We started off of the West beach. It was not too deep but deep enough to swim...shallow enough to walk. There was not too much of a gap in the swimmers cause you couldn't really swim the whole thing. I tried to swim as much as I could. I was comfortable out there except for the odd smack in the head from the people around me (I don't know if it was on purpose or not :) ). The swim ended with a 300m jog to the transition area which was a bit rough on my delicate feet. Overall feeling good. Was a bit tired and didn't expect as much walking/ jogging and it took it's toll on my legs.

The Bike : By far my favourite part of the event today. I felt great going out...wind was at our backs. I was cranking really well while trying to conserve energy for the run. At the turn around the wind was ferocious. It didn't let up the whole way back. I was struggling to keep pace. I found that my aero bars are not in the right position for me. So my wide shoulders and thick chest caught alot of that wind cause I was sitting up way too high! At no point did I feel any discomfort and really really enjoyed the ride. Only thing..Mother Nature if your are listening not so much wind next time.

Overall feeling excellent. Except for the part at the end where I could hear a couple of Women talking casually and as they nonchalantly passed me told me to get moving, exclaiming that the had done the bike course 2x. All joking aside Kona Shelley is an amazing cyclyist it just floors me how much of an athelete she is!

The Run Walk: This I thought would be the easiest section of the race. I cannot begin to tell you in how many ways I messed this up. Let us begin with gear selection. I washed and brought my Asic Gel Kayano 13's. This shoe I have had trouble with since the day I bought it. It fits too snug and I have never had a good run in it. So you are asking why I brought them??? I don't know. I felt really good coming off of the bike and onto the road...about 300 meters into the run I could not feel my legs. They were wobbly and my feet were throbbing. I tried to loosen the laces but no luck. I also felt drained. I am not going to blame it all on the shoes. I am a consistant 8:00-8:30 runner. I have done training runs much faster than that. I have even done a Bike run brick and killed it! I'll just chaulk it up as experience and I'll have a chance to redeem myself soon.

I have alot of excuses but in the end I had a blast saw lots of ppl from Masters swimming, I even had a few friends out there cheering me on...even some that hardly know me.

A special huge thanks to Mike for being my Sherpa and watching my kids so I could participate.

OMG it is only 2 months til Steelhead!


Anonymous said...

I think I was the one who parked her bike beside yours and asked the goofy question about swimming with the time chip one! Congrats on your finish! I agree, the swim was something else! I need more open water swims!

See ya in Leamington!


Leslie said...

Jeff it sounds like you did great for your first time. Funny that the run was the hardest part, that's what you have the most experience with.

marathonmama said...

Hi Jeff,
You did an awesome job. You should be incredibly proud of yourself. Hope I didn't hold you up too long chatting with you during your run.

Great job,

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