Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bull Dog Triathlon

Wow what an event all the Superstars were there, Kona Shelley and Dawn were the two spotlights winning Gold in their respective age groups. Not to mention kicking my ass!

I figured out the areas that I need to improve on first there is the swim...then the bike...then lastly the run :)

Seriously though I need to get my a$$ back to the masters swim and start working hard on my swim endurance. I think I have the how now I just need the repetition. I felt comfortable in the water today other than the mouth full of water I took in and sort of aspirated. I think I was almost dead last in the swim, but hey it's my first season in triathlon and expect to see a much improved ff_jeff next season.

The bike, I loved the bike! I wasn't as superfast as I know I can be..I was riding along @ 30 kph I could have and maybe should have pushed it harder but I was worried about the old legs. I really enjoyed the looped course especially going through the spectators. I now have a new tool for no excuses. My wife found a gently used Tacx indoor trainer for those days when she is working and I can't get my biking in!

The run...felt good getting off the bike. Legs felt like rubber. I wasn't winded at all but my legs were very fatigued. I ran a dismal 9:00 minute miles for a 5 km. At the end I realized something though for about the last 400 meters I was sprinting to the end probably better than a 6:30 legs felt great. I am going to try next time to just go out as fast as I can and see how that works for me. That is what I do in training... so this taking it easy at the beginning/ all around is coming to an end. This is what it is all about learning for the next one!

A special Heyyyyy to my family that were out there cheering me on!

Nest race most likely Detroit Half Marathon.

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Kona Shelley said...

yay!! So glad to see you out there, and reading your post just makes me so happy to see someone out there so determined to improve. That's what it's all about..well...actually a lot more than that, but you'll see the pay off soon my friend!!