Thursday, September 4, 2008

September, my favourite month

Finally it's here. Kids are back and school and training is starting to ramp up. I'm getting ready for the Detroit half marathon, and if I can I may pick up a duathlon in October just before Detroit. We will see.

Yesterday I worked with 3 guys that are or were into duathlons/triathlons and we were all encouraging each other to enter races and get together for some training. We plan on all doing the Detroit half and planned for a long ride from Lasalle to Leamington and back on Tuesday Sept 16 @ 9:00am.

Here are some pictures from The Bulldog Triathlon. After seeing these pictures I think I should have entered the Clydesdale category.

Does this tri shirt make me look fat?
No, your fat ass makes you look fat :)

Kona Shelley helps me zip up, while Dawn zips herself up
...actually I helped her after Shelley helped me.

Jacob enjoys the beach while watching Dad!

Joey gets a bit wet. He loves the beach!

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Leslie said...

You're such a girl Jeff!