Tuesday, September 29, 2009

crazy wind

Was planning on getting out on the bike today but since I really am not training for anything I'll wait for a nicer day :)

Started out the morning by loading the kayak on the car and sending my Wife into the torrential wind storm on the lake. Dressed in my wetsuit for the she headed out into the white caps. She could barely head West because the wind was so strong. Every time she lifted the paddle up it seemed she was thrown the other way. It was a short and challenging trip while I sat and drank my coffee on the beach :)

Took off on my run at around 12:30. Ran 6km and really kicked it at the end of the run the last km was at a quick 4:00/km pace. I used the railroad tracks near the Marina as the finish line, it was the only hill on my run. Headed to Timmies got a coffee then ran some errands and walked 3km home.

Training log
Yesterday: 1.5hr swim
Today: 6km run and a 3km walk
Tomorrow: A pre work swim then some weights

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