Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here we are...

I joined a weight loss challenge. It is a "Holiday weight loss challenge" on P.O.M.'s site.
My goal is to lose 15lbs. I feel overweight and heavy. I think that if I truly want to be a competitor of some type and be able to qualify for Boston or do an Ironman (years down the road) I need to lower my body fat and lose some weight.

I've also decided to put back the breaking the tape training log on my side bar to be accountable to my running and workouts. I'll be posting my marathon training plan soon, when I get the bugs worked out.

In other news I have a line on a bike I think. It is "gently used" I am just waiting for the specs...I can't wait I feel like a little boy waiting for a present, I am just so pathetic.

Well Wish me luck!

BTW congrats to Ali on her big PB in Grand Rapids!!!!!!

Special update....My infection in my toe went away. Now a week and 2 days after running Detroit I have officially lost my first toe nail due to running. I should keep it in a shadow box or something?


Orange Trails said...

Ha ha - or you can save the toenail along with all the future ones and make a necklace like scott dunlap

P.O.M. said...

Very do-able goal! I think that if I can drop these 11 lbs then my running will get a bit faster too. I have a 10K on Thanksgiving and need to beat my previous time of 55 mins.